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relaxed business

today… on a day off and the day before we are blessed with the start of a new year…. I am extra thankful for time.

time spent relaxing and cuddling with Josh.
time spent being busy! after a dud of a day yesterday, cooking, shopping, browsing, designing, trying 2 new recipes (breakfast sandwiches and cowboy caviar), watching isu in the liberty bowl and now onto NYE celebrations have kept me perfectly “busy” today.

relaxed business, as compared to napping. all. day. long. or being sick, somehow makes the days more memorable, “longer” and just more fun!


slow dances

slow dances with Joshers. I didn’t really think Denny Arthurs could get any better or be more fun…. until Josh and I slow danced together.

December 29, 2012

December 29, 2012


today I am thankful for design inspriration. The combination of a new project, progress at work and the New Year (cmon Sealed its time for you to get up on Etsy after 3 years!!) has me very inspired! Working in Joshs basement while he caulks the trim this morning…. I am so blessed to have a computer and the inspiration and creativity to be able to design 🙂

life 107.1

today I am thankful for life 107.1. Even though its a Friday and I get to cuddle on Josh tonight, I am uplifted by the hopefulness and positivity of this radio station. Its a true blessing!


Josh’s entire family shows us such sweetness and thoughtfulness. Rich and Randi’s hugs, questions and gifts, his sister’s friendship and excitement, Facebook posts and support from aunts and relatives…. I am so blessed!


I am so thankful I can be myself with Josh. Completely. The way I walk, talk, think, explain, sleep, eat, move, dream……….. the ease I feel with him is unlike anything I have felt. There is a greater excitement and calm between us….. thank you, Lord God for blessing me with him. I am so so very lucky.

We were dead tired after spending two days celebrating Christmas and I fell asleep early. I fell asleep hard and was not ready to get up for a chilly day shopping in Valley Junction on Wednesday, but his warmth and excitement got me up. He delivered a cup of coffee while I was getting ready and we spent the next 5ish hours shopping. He stays close, makes eye contact, recommends things for me, whisks me away to certain shops, opens the door for me, holds my hand…….. I am so blessed.


To know God, to have an example like Jesus and have Christian support of surrounding family and friends is invaluable. I am so blessed!!


a band of black and white diamonds. I am so blessed!

today I am thankful for restful nights sleep IN THE WARMEST COZIEST BED roll waking early. At only 10:18 it feels as though it should be noon. This is wonderful! More time to enjoy this lovely time of year!!


a warm house to work fom on tis cold (second)snow day, warm food to eat, power, warm room mates and AN EXCITING CHRISTMAS WEEK AHEAD!!!!