Monthly Archives: November 2012

relief of safety

Last night Josh reminded me that I must not always assume the worst…

Sometimes its a misunderstanding and really it was the best scheme…. I need to believe in my positivity a tad more. My Lord, I pray to you for peace and trust at all times. From my devotional…. “Till the relief of safety merges into Joy of appreciation of your refuge, and you absorb the Divine, and absorbing, gain strength to conquer.”



my salary

today I am extra thankful for a high salary. I am so blessed to feel the freedom of purchasing, saving, investing in my future. The stress of money is unbearable… I am so blessed.

my boss and flexibility

I have such a great boss. Woke up after The Cheese Shop (+wine) last night and got sick! Ick. I had a migraine all night and just couldnt get up this morning. 10am start for me this morning. The flexibility is so appreciated. I am so lucky. so blessed.

nephrologists and the like

today I am thankful for nephrologists and doctors that pioneered the way of transplants. Dr. Murry recently died. He was the first doctor to perform a successful kidney transplant…. in the early 1950s!! In less than 50 years they are now routine, safe and life-changing! I am so blessed. so so blessed.

lazzzzy lazy mornings

Lazy mornings spent in bed until 11am are the warmest, most simple moments. Josh and I had spent the weekend in Minnesota and were both sound asleep at 11 still. The blankets had crumpled around over my eyes and I must have been convinced it was still 6am.


today I am thankful for a spunky, snuuugly, intelligent and truly supportive gentleman I get to call my boyfriend! I am so proud of him… to introduce him as mine and to share THIS LIFE with him! I am sooooo blessed.

my family

today I am thankful for family.

I have a wonderfully fun, practical, truly nice, hardworking family. I am so blessed. Jake and I are so supported and loved. We could go to either parent at any time but they are also so independent and give the wonderful gift of advice when needed.

clear skin

Today I am thankful for clear skin.

Clear skin empowers me! The confidence I feel with clear skin is like none other. I am so thankful for clear(er!) and CLEAR days. Thank you Lord! I am lucky to be able to utilize ea dermatologist and see such quick results.


today I am extra thankful for variety.

days off…. time in a new environment…. a fun breakfast… a salty snack…. time with family… space and time alone…. organizing…. then getting messy… video shoots paired with slower days… I am so blessed to have the variety I do.


my devotional

today I am thankful for my devotional.

Anxiousness, doubt, worry, and anger were swirling in my head. Plans—that hadn’t even been made— weren’t what I had “planned” in my head. I was needing, maybe even craving time alone… and yet, that is not what I was happy with. I wanted. more. stop. I opened my devotional and was slapped … er, greeted(!?) with this:

Leave outcomes up to me. Follow me wherever I lead, without worrying about how it will all turn out.

Come to me, and Rest in my Peace. … As you lean on Me in trusting dependence; you feel peaceful and complete. 

Thank you, Lord, for proving you are here. You are here a step before us. You have already fought this fight. And, out of grace, you have provided me with the tools I will need today. I just need to be open to you and to the good stuff. and stop entertaining the poor, negative and messy. Thank you. How he loves us…