Monthly Archives: October 2012


today (from yesterday) i am thankful for crafting.

i started christmas gifts/crafts and somehow, even though i was busier than other days, the day went so slowly and lovely. mmm!


time in prayer

Today I am so thankful for time spent in prayer.

Yesterday Josh and I were able to celebrate his birthday after a stressful day for both Josh and I. Mexican + new print for his basement and onto a fun weekend in Minneapolis!!

food at work

I am so thankful for the awesome benefits I have at work! and insurance! and food! and flexibility! I am so blessed!

God’s presence

today, more and more, I am so grateful for God’s presence in my life!

I feel him between Josh and me, around us as if not to let anything permeate our relationship that we do not have the tools to deal with at the time, and I feel God from the innermost part of me OUT. I am so blessed. Thank you.

sarcastic best friend

today I am thankful for a sarcastic best friend.

i need to embrace Josh’s sense of humor, lack of seriousness, cuddability, and general pizazz more. a lot more.

beautiful weather

today I am thankful for the gorgeous weather we had all year. It makes greyer days easier to handle.

God’s peace and plenty

God is plenty. He is peaceful. I am sooooo very blessed!! Today I am thankful to wake up and go to bed with God’s glory in the front of my mind. What do I not have?? Nothing. I have everything in God. What a blessing I have received!!!!!

fall leaves

today I am thankful for the fall leaves.

God, you have painted our world in the most beautiful warm hues. Bright oranges, sugary reds, soft pinks and vibrant greens yet. So beautiful and a constant reminder of God’s glory!

parents that showed me how to cook

Today I am thankful for parents that showed me how to cook!

I eat healthier and love the creativity of cooking. I also save money because of the basic knowledge of cooking that my parents instilled in me.

Josh’s sisters

today I am thankful for Josh’s sisters, Jamie and Jill.

Jost has spent this week in Algona combining with his dad and on their night-out, Jill and Jamie invited me to join! I had such a great time. How did I get so lucky for such great friends/family/”in-laws”?!