Monthly Archives: September 2012

mornings with josh

today AND.EVERY.SINGLE.WEEKEND. I am thankful for breakfast + coffee + mornings + josh.

we bake something up—josh loves whipping up pancakes, eggs with cheese with no help— right away, lounge with our creamy coffees, and watch a little tv as we wake up. he has even surprised me with pancakes ready before I came downstairs and has even surprised me with coffee upstairs while Im getting ready. what a sweetheart. I am so thankful.


naturally curly hair

today I am thankful for my naturally curly hair.

I realize how lucky I am to have naturally curly hair—its so easy, versatile, looks adorable pinned up, and gives my hair a break from the heat and straight iron. What a blessing!

leftovers and stretchy pants

today I am thankful for leftovers and stretchy pants.

they sure make the mornings and lunches easier.

coconut macaroon coffee

today I am thankful for coconut macaroon coffee.

Recently, Ive started crawling into my cozy robe early in the morning to make coffee before work, or on the weekends before my day begins. I can quickly see how this tradition of sorts becomes addicting. Oddly enough, I think of my parents, my grandparents, and characters in novels while I descend the stairs for this universal action. There is something methodical, restful and traditional about going downstairs to make coffee.

to top it off, my new coconut macaroon coffee has really put it over the top 🙂

productive mornings

today I am thankful for productive mornings.

I really love waking up on one weekend morning and GETTING STUFF DONE. feels so good. especially w a cup of creamy coffee in my hand and a candle flickering away.

that bet

today I am thankful for that bet.

In today’s meeting on our new group name, jon troen explained how he views each client and  acquired company. he sees them as investments and puts money, quite literally, on each and every person. he believes in them and a trusts them to do it…whatever that it may be. I am so thankful for this company to have taken a bet on me! I love it here.


today—and every other day of the year—I am thankful for my brother Jake.

Jake the snake. Jaker. Bones….. any will do. It is his birthday today. Happy Birthday! He is a great brother. He works sooo hard, loves Sara dearly and is a person of integrity. Truly a great person and man.

new pillows

today I am thankful for new pillows.

Soft and cozy, plump and squishy. That is how I like them!

unexpected kiss

today I am thankful for an unexpected kiss.

a hug, a hand on the small of my back, an unexpected kiss, a squeeze, a loving word…. swoon.

The Happiness Project

today I am thankful for The Happiness Project.

This book, written by Gretchen Rubin, was a fantastic read. Completely practical and methodical, but quite inspiring! I will utilize the ideas and resolutions chart she applied in her year of the project easily in my daily life.