Monthly Archives: August 2012

my mom

today, and every single day, I am thankful for my mom.

We are so similar. And yet, delightfully different. I learn from her. I learn from her actions. I learn from her and my dad. I learn from her strength, determination, and love. I’ve learned from our hours in the kitchen. She’s the baker, the best cook, the best seamstress, my preferred shopping partner, the best person to watch Pride & Prejudice with. We laugh the same. We have a similar sense of humor. I am so blessed.


a positive attitude

today I am thankful forĀ a positive attitude.

I am so blessed to have the ability to CHOOSE whether or not to have a positive attitude. I do not battle depression or even crazy hormones and mood swings. I am thankful. and I am so blessed. Life is so so good.

time to myself

today I am thankful for time for myself.

After struggling with my time and expectations of other’s time, I was blessed with the perfect day. Woke up with Carm, Jay and Kate here. Spent the morning cleaning, organizing and drinking coffee. Scarfed down a Redrossa pizza and savored an afternoon with Josh and capped it off with a movie with Kelsey. Thank you, Lord, for showing me the balance…for reminding me how much better I feel, how much I enjoy that time and refocus time on the weekend, and how I need to give that time to others too.


today I am thankful for adrenaline!

Those moments that adrenaline scurries so quickly through your veins and limbs that you cant help but to shimmy are the best! They inspire me! They rejuvenate me!


today I am thankful for chipotle.

ohmahgoodness their burrito bowl is delicious! and most of the meat is veggies are grown/harvested responsibly! love that.