Monthly Archives: July 2012


today I am thankful for temptations.

It feels so good when you can trust yourself in face of temptation. I am prouder after it and feel as though I’ve proved it (whatever that may be at the time…) to myself.



today I am thankful for manners.

Showing gratitude when you are grateful means so much! I hope I show it enough to others. Men opening doors always makes me smile… a kind word… a quiet ‘please’ …it all adds up.

easy-going people

today I am (extra) thankful for easy-going people.

Especially coworkers. I am really catching on to the overt affect that MY feelings ..and thus actions.. have on OTHERS feelings ..and thus actions. Agitated and negative people result in more agitated and negative people. Vicious circle. And not one I want to be in! I am thankful and striving for positivity, agreeableness (don’t you dare read pushover) and go-with-the-flow-because-things-usually-aren’t-as-tough-as-they-first-seem attitude.

handwritten notes

today I am thankful for handwritten notes.

alternate titles: today I am thankful for thoughtful boyfriends who write uber-thoughtful notes in cards.

Josh wrote me a very special note in a very sweet card and gave it to me Friday night. Right away, I exclaimed, “this makes my night!!” but I have quickly discovered it really made my week. I’m still thinking about it and have read it several times in the last day or so. Thoughtful words mean so much.

“You make me so happy…
I am so lucky to have someone like you to love”


today I am thankful for creativity.

I just love my job and the people I am surrounded with. Creative and right-minded people think differently and tend to be a bit more affectionate, in my opinion. I appreciate feeling appreciated. I am so blessed!

my boss Shawn

today I am thankful for a great boss.

I work under an art director that I look up to both personally and professionally. I respect her. I am so lucky!

extra hours

today I am thankful for extra hours.

Our photoshoot wrapped up earlier than expected and I was home at 4pm—an entire hour earlier than a usual day! I’ve fit in a workout at Greys, a shower, homemade dinner, tv show and reading! My evening seems to be crawling….so wonderful!

grilled food

today I am thankful for grilled food.

My dad made a killer grilled dinner—chicken, sweet corn and potato foil bag—tonight in Nevada. Summer grilling at its finest!


today I am thankful for dresses.

Wearing a dress is so easy. no matching, no uncomfortable waistband. I was even smart enough to skip the tiny belt that gets way too tight when I eat lunch.

Grey’s Lake

today I am thankful for greys lake.

I have recently discovered that Grey’s lake is exactly where I need to be when I am stressed/pissed/saddened by something. I dont know exactly what it is […the walking, the activity that gets my blood pumping, the people to remind myself how easy and great I have it, the lake and its beauty, the crisp fresh air…] but I feel SO much better after Ive been to Greys Lake. Thank you, God, for beautiful peaceful places.