Monthly Archives: June 2012


today I am thankful for sales at my favorite stores.

I walked out of Ann Taylor Loft today with two pairs of trousers (for work, dinners, church!), denim pencil crops (dont have any!) and a darling sweatshirt/jacket (I’ll wear this way too much!) for $100. Before sales it clocked in at $260. Bazinga!


cooking & baking

today I am thankful for the ability (and space and resources) to cook.

Its difficult for me to understand how many people feel that time in the kitchen is an ‘extra’ step in their evening. or adds stress. adds difficulty. I love it! Any time spent in the kitchen is relaxing to me. I am thankful I’ve found that activity and time that is a release for me.


today, and most days, I am thankful for my career.

Not just job—career. I was blessed with that gut feeling of knowing just what I would love to learn more about and study in college and do for years after college! I pinch myself each and every day that I am blessed with all of the perks that I am! Creative (read funny, talented, inspiring!) people, conversations and hours spent on color palettes and fonts, variety (computer time, photo shoot time, propping and shopping time, presenting time, research time, budgets and more left-brain work). Not to mention the free food. Gosh. I am so blessed.

stone fruit

today i am thankful for summery stone fruit.

peaches, nectarines and cherries top my favorite-fruit list. their bright flavors and lovely texture pair well with yogurt, taste wonderful as they become more subtle in fruit crisps and shine equally when eaten alone.


today I am thankful for prayer.

I am a better person because of prayer. Calmer. More direct. More peaceful. Less anxious. Slower to give my opinion. More forgiving. Less obsessive. Keyed into the correct details. More open-minded. Less rigid. More positive. Harder working. More thoughtful. More prone to ‘just’ listen and observe. More organized. Less obsessive. Focused. I am so thankful for the time I get to spend in prayer.

grey days

today I am thankful for grey days.

colors are a bit more dull, the breeze introduces a tinge of cool, and my attitude matches the ashy shadow that blankets everything. sunkissed afternoons are my preference, but today I am thankful for the clouds.


today I am thankful for platelets.

these little blood components allow us to clot and scab. i can’t imagine the fear one would have to deal with if every bump, scrape or blunder was overshadowed with the threat of not being able to clot and recover!